Back home but sick

We're back home, but unfortunately I got very sick (fever, aches, stuffed head, etc) on Thursday so I wasn't able to work productively, much less write posts. I'm starting to feel better, so I'll catch things up once my brain is functioning again. But generally, we had a very good week, got a lot accomplished on the house we worked at.

[1/14 update… So, the doctor says I have walking pneumonia, which I guess is better than bedridden pneumonia, but it explains why it hurts to breathe. My head feels more clear than it did though, so while I'm not allowed to go to work for a few days, I'll have time to catch up all my Mississippi posts. There's always a silver lining!]

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4 thoughts on “Back home but sick

  1. I hope you get better really soon sandy. Ive enjoyed watching your progress over the week and I am inspired by your commitment to making a difference. well done all of you!

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