Act boldly.

We picked Alex up at 7:15 to head over to the National Cathedral for 8:00 Easter Sunday service. You want to see impressive and awe-inspiring! Flowers galore, banners, trumpets, choirs, you name it.


Easter SundayBannersCathedralStaned glassSunlight through stained glassGorgeous stoneworkFlying buttressesSide entranceWashington National Cathedral

Here are some interesting facts about the cathedral… for example, that it was completed in 1990 after a construction period of 83 years. And the interior of the nave is 10 stories high – and the top of the bell tower is equivalent to a 30-story building. I don't know how many people it holds, but I'm pretty sure there were well over 1,000 for the 8:00 service. 

Here is the text of the sermon, which I thought was really meaningful, especially the exhortation to work to make a difference in this world, to give yourself to causes that matter, and to start doing things boldly. There are a fair number of aspects of Christianity that I'm not sold on, but the part that I feel really is vital, and what keeps me involved with the church, is the notion that we should – no, must – love one another and that our whole reason for being in the world is to do good for each other. It doesn't really matter to me whether there's a God or a heaven, there may be or there may not be, but until we find out at the end, there's a lot we each can do to ease the journeys of our fellow travelers. There, that's my sermon :-) 

Happy Easter, Happy Spring, Happy Life!

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