QotD: Step into My Closet

How many pair of shoes do you have? Out of those pairs, how many do you wear more than a few times a year?
Submitted by fightinggale.

Without going to check, I'm going to say about a dozen total: Teva sport sandals, running shoes (my most recent shoe purchase, last spring), trail shoes (about 15 years old now; they're starting to wear out, and I hope I can find ones just like them), tan mules for summer (currently wearing to work every day), black flat moccasin-type (cooler weather wear, but after several years of constant wear they recently developed cracks in the soles which let the rain in, so I'll have to buy a new pair for next fall), navy Italian pumps (business-me), my wedding shoes (white pumps which I actually do still wear after almost 28 years, but they still hurt…), black zip-up chunky-heeled sandals from the 80's (little black dress type), beige wedge sandals (2nd hand), really chunky clogs Nikki handed "up" to me, cute brown bootlets (2nd hand, don't quite fit but now & then I squeeze into them), plus Nikki's closet full of shoes (nice to wear the same size as one's daughter who loves shoes!). But I generally only wear one pair to work every day, either the cold-weather flats or the warm-weather mules. Sport sandals or trail shoes for running around at home or camping. The rest not very often. Bare feet when possible.

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