8 (Visual) Things

Sooo, I got re-tagged on this by Margy and Beanie, who have since taken it back, but meanwhile I had gotten this idea, and so I'm just going ahead with it. I thought I'd share 8 (semi) random photos that tell you something about me. Some people already know some of these things from my blog, but some probably don't.











1. My sister and I own a precast stair manufacturing business. We employ almost 50 people and ship our custom stairs all over the east coast. It's mostly lots of fun, though it's had its ups and downs over the last few years. The photos are of the "green" building we built 5 years ago, which we're pretty proud of, one of the first green manufacturing facilities in Pennsylvania. The business was started by our dad and grandfather as partners, in 1954.



2. I'm borderline obsessive about how much I love my little hybrid car. 133,000 miles on it now, still getting over 50 mpg.









3. I adore every member of my family. Here is a semi-candid pre-photo photo, which are often my favorite kind. The little German niece jumped into the picture at the last second, but otherwise that's Al, me, Alex, Nikki – from last August.







4. The past two winters we've spent a week helping rebuild on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, after Hurricane Katrina. See my (many) tags labeled "Mississippi". It's been a really rewarding experience!










5. I love the outdoors. I met my husband of (almost) 28 years on a weekend backpacking trip, and we've taken the kids camping since before they could walk. We don't find the time to do it as much as we'd like these days, but we still love it, though the ground seems to be getting harder as the years go by 🙂






6. But I also love cities… Pittsburgh especially, but also DC, NYC, Savannah, San Francisco, Rome, Copenhagen, Hamburg… I like all the ones I've been to so far. I love how vibrant they are, how there's always so much going on, so many people living their lives. Looking forward to meeting Brisbane, Sydney, and Auckland in November.







7. Nonviolence and environmental consciousness are a big part of who I am. Nikki calls me a hippy, but I take that as a compliment (and I think I'm right that she means it that way, since she's become like me in many ways). I'm still a work in progress, of course, but I do really try.





8. Hi, from me to you! I'm happy to know you all!

[a little lame on the first-time webcam usage, but hey.]

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2 thoughts on “8 (Visual) Things

  1. I had no idea you owned a manufacturing business. How cool!
    I'm with you on Pittsburgh. Such a beautiful city. I hope to go to Copenhagen someday since I'm 1/2 Danish.

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