Grandview Nature Preserve

On Saturday morning, we drove out to Grandview Nature Preserve, near the mouth of Chesapeake Bay. It’s a 500+ acre fairly wild area, apparently well known for its plethora of birds. There’s a single trail that leads to the beach, which you can then walk up – you’re not supposed to walk into the dune area, to preserve the natural state of it.







When we were there, there had been rough seas for the past couple days, which in addition to the recent Tropical Storm [I forget which one], had washed up a lot of detritus on the shore – which made it all the more interesting to walk along…










Here are photos of some of the things we found, along with some highly technical terms: [PS – if anyone knows what the “grey blobs” are, please let me know… they were not jellyfish, but rather hard in a soft sort of way, like an old loaf of heavy bread]

Blue crab shellBushy thingGrey blobsHorseshoe crab shellRootsSquiggly thing

Here are some of the birds:

Gulls eating fishGulls and wavesBird running from wavesBirds finding things

And here are some other seashore-type photos:


Bird printsCrab front porchDramaDunesLooking out to seaWind patterns

And, finally, a couple taken along the path back from the beach:

Lone blossomPondWetland area

A very lovely place to spend a morning, and really kind of wild considering how close it is to the giant strip mall that is Newport News / Hampton.

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4 thoughts on “Grandview Nature Preserve

  1. What gorgeous photos … I have no idea what the grey blobs are … I would've assumed some sort of jelly fish anyway. Great angry skies in a couple of your photos.

  2. Thanks! Yes, I really liked the looks of the sky, too. My daughter says I should take a digital photography class – not sure if that means she thinks I would enjoy it because I like trying to take "artsy" photos, or if that means she thinks I need a class to be any good. 🙂

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