Around the Office 365 – Flow and PowerApps

aroundtheoffice365My good friend Tracy van der Schyff (Office Servers MVP) has been blogging recently about Flow and PowerApps as part of her Office 365 blog-a-day challenge. Some posts are information/reference, some are walkthroughs.

Below are links to those posts, but please check out the rest of her blog as well – it’s a crazy challenge, and she’s 3/4 of the way there!

Microsoft Flow posts

What is Microsoft Flow?
Manage existing Flows
Save tweets including a specific hashtag to a SharePoint list
Save updates from Facebook to a SharePoint list
Save my email attachments to a SharePoint document library
Log the latest tweets about your product in Excel
Get a push notification when a new file is added in SharePoint
Save photos from Instagram to OneDrive
Block out my Office 365 calendar for an hour
Save new email attachment to OneDrive for Business
Copy new files in Dropbox to a specific folder in OneDrive
Send approval email when a new item is added
Get daily reminders in email

PowerApps posts

What is Microsoft PowerApps?
PowerApps pricing and availability
Basic form edit
Create an icon for your App
Adding tooltips to your fields
Using slider fields
Different layouts on screens

A great intro to both of these tools!


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