Apison – Day 3

They’re making me put my foot up for a while (recovering from a previous sprain), so I’ll write a little about our day so far…

We had scrambled eggs and ham for breakfast this morning, along with Psalm 127:1, and got over to Dave and Betty’s house by 8:00. We unloaded all the tools and other miscellaneous …er…stuff from our guys’ pickup trucks into Dave’s yard, because they would be needed to haul wood later.

A few of our group went to the Open House Volunteers HQ to help unload some drywall that came in on a tractor trailer for the house at the corner. The rest of us at Dave and Betty’s house divided ourselves into crews… a paint crew to paint the side and back of the house green, and crews building a roof on the back porch, and repairing the structural mistakes left by the absconding contractor.

… I can’t stand sitting here any longer, while people work around me… more later…


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