Biloxi – 17 months after Katrina


Boardwalk on Biloxi BeachOhr O'Keefe Museum of ArtWaffle House in Biloxi

On Monday after we ate lunch at Camp Victor, we all loaded into the coach bus for a tour of Gulfport and Biloxi. The purpose was to give us an idea of the scope of devastation and how things still are, since there isn't much destruction in evidence in the parts of Ocean Springs we had driven through to that point. Here are some photos, which are pretty amazing, considering how long it's been since the storm.

Beachfront property in BiloxiBeachfront property 2BeachProperties for sale (cheap)

One of the young men in our group had been living in Ocean Springs when Katrina hit, and his family moved to the Pittsburgh area where they had relatives. They've been there since, and have still not decided what to do about their house, but he says it will probably need to be demolished. He got on the bus mic and narrated for us as we drove through Biloxi, telling us what used to be where.

Church in BiloxiChurch in Biloxi with 1st floor flushed outWe Leave It Spotless

"They" estimate that it will be about 10 years till things are back to "normal", although clearly Normal will be something different than it once was.

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2 thoughts on “Biloxi – 17 months after Katrina

  1. A number of the people in our group came down to work last winter also, and they say we can hardly imagine how much worse it was at that time. That is, even this is quite an improvement.

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