A symphony every night …

After the teams were organized and we made arrangements to meet in the morning, it was almost 10:00, which is bedtime at Camp Victor. All dorm room and hallway lights are turned out at 10:00 on the dot, and no noise or conversations are allowed except in the dining hall, where the lights are left on all night. The reason for this is that the daily work is so exhausting, and breakfast is served at 6:00 am, so people who need 8 hours of sleep must be allowed to get it. Also, the outside doors are locked at 10:00, so we were warned that if we stayed out after that, we would need to make arrangements for someone to let us in.


I had chosen a top bunk in Damascus Room, which was a "cat-free zone" (meaning it had bifold doors instead of curtains, to keep the cats out for those who are allergic, which I'm not, just trying not to get cat-ness on my stuff for Al's sake). There wasn't a men's "cat-free zone", but luckily Al's allergies didn't seem to kick up too much, even though I saw cats coming out of Antioch Room where he was staying.


I wish I had gotten an audio recording of the snoring at night… with 6 rooms of about 36 adults each, and all of them open at the top of each wall, the sound was truly astonishing! There was every type of snore you can imagine, from simple heavy breathing, to large intermittent snorts, to whistling, and on and on. I mixed a little audio file of stock snores to at least give you a sense of the cacophony. It had been recommended to us before we came that we bring ear plugs for sleeping, and I think most people used them 😉

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