Ending service

Our final dinner Friday night was a special southern treat: fried catfish, red beans and rice (hot or not), corn bread, and a choice of pineapple cake or Mardi Gras King Cake.

Pastor Larry had arranged for us to travel via our little bus and vans to Christus Victor Lutheran church for an 8:00 communion service. Christus Victor was the original LDR assistance center for the 9 months or so after Katrina; this was a chance for those of us who weren't here last year to see where the others had stayed, and for those who were here before it was a chance to see the church after it had been repaired and renovated.


While we waited for everyone to arrive, Rudy's Roofers made a little presentation wherein they recognized the new members of their rather unique group. Also, Pastor announced that through all the Lowe's and Wal-Mart gift cards we'd brought down with us (having gathered them from our various congregations and friends and family), our synod was able to help purchase a table saw for the camp, in addition to various smaller tools throughout the week, and also $1,700 in groceries and supplies for the distribution center were purchased that day. Wow!

Pastor Larry conducted a very nice communion service for our Synod group, and then we all took some time to check out the church building, especially the rooms where the group had stayed last year. They said things certainly looked much better now; last year the sanctuary was in disarray as the steeple (the open space directly above the altar) had been destroyed in the hurricane.

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