Church and lunch

After our camp tour, we loaded back on the bus to head to the 10:30 service at Christus Victor Lutheran Church, which is where Camp Victor originally was organized beginning on the day before Katrina (when they offered sanctuary to local residents).


Christus Victor
Christus Victor altar

It's a beautiful church – it had been damaged during the storm and the steeple and roof were reconstructed.


We enjoyed the church service – last year we had attended an evening service on our last night in Ocean Springs, but it was only our synod group. Today was their regular service, so it was interesting to see how they do things.






Pastor Terri had a nice children's sermon for Epiphany regarding letting your light shine before others, which I thought was an appropriate way to begin our week of service…

After church, we loaded back on the bus, which drove to Wendy's for lunch. We chose, however, to walk to Arby's down the street, and then seeing that we could see the back of the camp, we walked back there to eat outside because it was so nice out (at least to us northerners).


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