PowerApps/Flow: Deleting a Connection

I was doing some housekeeping on my PowerApps and Flow connections this evening, and found this nice little safety net…

To delete a Connection (say, for example, you no longer have access to a given email account), you just click on it in the list of connections:


If you blithely try to click the deletion garbage can in the upper right corner of the next screen, you’ll see a warning listing which PowerApps and Flows use this connection:

deletion-warningOf course, if you (I) had actually been paying attention to the screen, you can see that the PowerApps and Flows which use this connection are all listed right there at the bottom – very useful to know in any event…

apps-flows-using-this-connectionThen, if you need to investigate a bit further, you can click on one of those icons, to see how it’s related. For example, I clicked on my Holiday Booking PowerApp icon to see the several connections and the Flow that it uses – also very helpful information!


In addition, there are tabs to see who this app has been shared with, and its versions. Of course, you can get to this information from the list of PowerApps as well, but it’s cool to be able to see it here, where you’re working with your connections.

Happy Apping!

NOTE: The behavior and screenshots documented in this post were current as of February 2017. They may be different at a later date.


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