Mississippi Trip blog

Well, it's been 3 weeks, but I finally got everything written up about our trip, and re-dated the posts to the day they happened rather than the day I wrote them. Here's a sort of index to my posts, so you can read them in chronological order instead of last-to-first as they appear in Vox.1


The bus trip from PA to MS

Change in the weather

Photos of Biloxi 17 months after Hurricane Katrina

Information about Camp Victor

FEMA the cat

Starfish parable

Forming our work crew

The snoring

Preparing for our first workday

Painting Leslie's home

Helping Miss Hattie

Getting our assignment for the rest of the week

Drywalling Karen's house

Thursday night dinner out

Final work day

Photos of murals at Camp Victor

Photos of Ocean Springs

Friday night communion service at Christus Victor Church

Breakfast at Mocha Moose

The bus trip from MS to PA

Some final thoughts

USA Today article about "voluntourism"

Post-Gazette article and video about the synod's trip 

Thanks for reading!

1 - Thanks to Lance's wonderful Italy trip blog for this idea! (only I'm not ambitious enough to add a soundtrack…)

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One thought on “Mississippi Trip blog

  1. Yay! I love it! I can't wait to read it. I'm at work… so I gotta be good and only sneak peeks on my breaks. (frown) Oh well. Anyway, looks like a fun read!

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