Back in the saddle…

McElwain's got my car done in less than a week! (I had told them I had to have it back by Thursday so I could drive to NYC on Friday – I refuse to drive a not-hybrid vehicle all that way)

When I went to pick it up, Wayne (yes, I'm now on a first-name basis with the collision repair guy) said the bill was $1650. I'm sure I looked very sad and said I had hoped since I was paying for it myself (too many accidents to turn it in to insurance), that it would be less than the $1575 estimate, not more. "Don't I get a frequent-crasher discount?" So he went back in the back and talked to someone about it, and they agreed to knock it down to $1500, so I was happy with that (as happy as one can be when paying that much). The car looked great, and I said No offense, but I hoped I didn't see them again any time soon.

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