Lucky we live in a friendly neighborhood

Today my calendar called for a 40-minute run, and since Alex & I got home from work at 5:00, and Al wouldn't get home from the gym till 6:00, I decided to go out before dinner. It's pretty much exactly 1 mile from our house to either end of our road, so I figured I'd run to one end, turn around, and run as far toward the other end as my time allowed, then walk back home. So I got out to one end, turned around, and as I passed the house again I saw neither kid's car in the driveway and the garage door and front door wide open! [When I had left the house, Nikki was lying on the couch reading Gone With the Wind, and Alex was taking his post-workday shower.] So I went inside to call them and see where the heck everyone went, no notes or anything! Turned out Nikki had passed me on her way down the road to the carwash; she said she had slowed and called to me but apparently I was zoned out on my iPod or something. Alex had come out of the shower to find everyone gone, so he left for the gym, apparently thinking he should leave the doors open just in case we were locked out. Well, as I say, luckily our neighborhood is rural, summer-cottagy, the sort of place where you can do that and not have to worry too much…

Anyway, after straightening that out, I finished my run – I ended up roughly around 3 miles again. I'm supposed to be up to 4 miles this Saturday, so we'll see. My heart and breath felt good today, but I think my knee is going to be the problem.

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