Race training

Phooey. I was supposed to run 3 miles yesterday according to my training calendar, but I ran at 4:00, so it was hotter than when I've been running lately in the evenings, so I only made it to 2 (and that with some walking). So I ran 2 miles again early this morning to make up for it.

I really do like having a calendar urging me on every day though (either running or cross-training/walking). Otherwise I'd be letting it go for a few days at a time like I had been doing. I had taken a schedule for "5 weeks till your first 5K" from Runner's World, and bumped it all up a little to reach 5 miles in 5 weeks (the length of the race we signed up for - our first). Of course, Al's got it all over me, since he's been running for over 2 years, and does a 9-mile route usually once a week in addition to shorter runs most days. He says he's aiming for winning his age category, which sounds doable.

I, however, will be happy to finish …

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