Herbs gone wild


I've dug up what's salvageable – the one remaining lavender plant, the last twig of 15-year-old sage, just a leetle bit of the rampant oregano to start a new batch, some chives, and I harvested all the garlic heads to replant. Unfortunately over the years I've lost the thyme, chamomile, cilantro, basil, tarragon, and prickly pear. The feverfew also was finally choked out by weeds, but that was no great loss. The mint is theoretically in a separate spot to the right of the camera, but it's near enough that bits of it keep popping up in the rest of the garden via its huge root system, and it's cross-bred with the oregano somewhat I think. I think I'll put it somewhere way far away…

This winter's project is to lay out a new and better plan for the herb garden, likely involving totally digging up what's left here, and removing what grass is left between the fruit trees and taking it all over with beds of various edibles broken up by pathways.

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2 thoughts on “Herbs gone wild

  1. ha, yes I see what you mean by out of control!! you have a lovely big yard here, it willl look stunning the way you are thinking with beds broken by pathways..I did use driftwood for mine, we live very near the beach so it makes sense to use what is locally avaliable (and free!) I had origionally wanted recycled railway sleepers but they are very expensive, they are beautiful though. But now I prefer the driftwood as I like the shapes it makes and the sleeper beds would have had to be squares/rectangles. I have 2 big long beds as well but the smaller beds are much easier to make and will be to maintain too I think.

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