Projet du jour

Here's what I need to get accomplished today…

Alex wants to take this desk (yes, there is actually a desk under there!) to his new apartment the day after we get back from Mississippi, so that means I need to clear all my junk off / out of it today 😮

Which really means putting most of it in boxes till I can decide its ultimate home (though I can do some sorting while I watch The Hockey Game this afternoon), and finishing moving files off of that PC to my new laptop (the PC is going to Castcon).

Hopefully, I'll be able to post a lovely "after" picture later on!!!

[… Pens win in a shoot-out! …]



Mission Accomplished!

(of course, most of that stuff is now in boxes, but I did manage to sort a lot of it into the circular file, and I've made a Resolution to work on those boxes, along with the rest of that room, in 2008)

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