Hello Sydney

From Smith's Lake, it was about a 2.5 hour drive to Sydney, so not too bad. Our nav system took us right into the city, which seemed very tight with our stupid big car and driving on the left side – it kept feeling to me (as passenger) that we were going to graze the cars parked along the side of the street. Then I'm not sure, but I think we got into the wrong lane on the Harbour Bridge, and were dumped right into downtown. Luckily, Avis had given us a whole book of Sydney maps, so I was able to eventually coordinate the map with where we seemed to be and what the nav system was trying to get us to do. Once we made it to New Town (the neighborhood where our lodging was), the nav system had a good bit of difficulty with a park & cemetary that was in the middle of the area it wanted us to go through, and also the fact that the King St end of Australia St (the street we were trying to get to), is a little pedestrian-only area. After several trips around several blocks, and the nav system saying "Turn Right", "Turn Right", "Make a U-turn when possible", we shut her up and I went by the maps, and we finally got there.

After that very stressful end to the day's travels, we just relaxed in our rooms at the Australia Street Guesthouse for a while. We were able to get online, and followed the Steelers for a bit, since they were playing a Thursday night game. Also, I was able to finally get a load of laundry done and hung up on the line in the back yard. When it got within an hour of when we were to meet my Vox friends for drinks, we went out for a walk on King St to try to find a spot for dinner later. It's a cool street, with lots of restuarants, bookshops, and boutique-type shops. It's very near the Uni, so has a student vibe.

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