The generosity of friends

Here is over $1600 worth of cash and building supply gift cards, donated by our friends at church and our family – ready for us to take on our upcoming trip back to the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Thank you to everyone for the generous donations! You can rest assured that every dollar will be well spent on necessities such as lumber, paint, nails, and drywall for rebuilding homes damaged by Hurrican Katrina 2-1/2 years ago.

Yes, it's true, even though we don't hear much about it any more, other than some references to New Orleans, there are still thousands of folks without homes along the Mississippi Gulf Coast. We're heading down there again with a busload of volunteers from the Pittsburgh area, to stay at Camp Victor and work for a week.


Click here to see my report from last year… I hope to be able to blog as the week progresses this year too! And this time both of the kids are coming along, as well as Bruce and Denise from church. I like to think that our enthusiasm about the trip last year, and our sharing the photos and stories, helped encourage others to join us…

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