O Happy Day

A weight has been lifted from me today… SharePoint is working again, after being down for nearly 5 weeks. While I’m ecstatic that my entire IT strategy for the past 6 months isn’t down the tubes after all, I’m very frustrated that Microsoft was unable to deal with this issue within the first few days of the problem. I know, I know, it’s Microsoft, the Very Big Bad Company, but I had actually been a fan prior to this debacle (and really I still am, of this software platform and most of their other products – I’m just completely disappointed in their support process). So now we “just” have to input 5 weeks’ worth of data while still trying to do our jobs, which are all already way behind due to not having SharePoint. I estimate it’ll take at least a month to recover.

But anyway, hooray for Greg knowing enough about SQL to finally get me into the backup data files today so we could figure it out on our own.

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