Back to the gym

I didn't like what I read in my post yesterday. It sounded like all I did was eat & watch TV, which I don't think is really how I am, but it sure sounded like it's how I am.  And my excuses for not going to the gym are all gone — I'm completely recovered from the pneumonia, Nikki's not riding to work with me any more, and last week's meetings are out of the way so I don't have to go in to work so early. So all that galvanized me into packing up my little gym bag last night so I could make it to the Y by 5:30 this morning, which I then actually did. I did just 20 minutes on the elliptical, since it's been a while, but it felt good. I'm already packed up to go back again tomorrow morning; maybe I'll do weights and run the track a little.

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