Fluffy white stuff

Well it's very pretty but i have to drive home in it

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2 thoughts on “Fluffy white stuff

  1. Has the snow melted yet? Up in the High Country here there will be snow until June. Finally got some cross country skiing in last week. LOM and I had a blast. She tried a little off trail skiing and in her excitement to get another great shot through the aspen grove, managed to get tangled up between two aspen trees. Extricating herself was surely worth several photos but yours truly did not bring her camera!! I surely won't make it as a photographer nor as much of a blogger since I haven't posted anything in ages. And LOM, my personal photographer is leaving the end of the month. I am soooo sad.

  2. Yes, after a 65-degree day on Monday and then 2 days of rain, it's mostly gone. Of course, that meant our road was closed due to flooding closed for the past day and a half. You can't have everything…
    But actually I do like the snow, and I really don't mind driving in it, even though it took me 2-1/2 hours to get home last Friday.

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