It's really interesting to me that people all over the world are reading my posts about my endeavors to make a good loaf of pumpernickel (which I can see on my StatCounter). I would love to know if a link to my pumpernickel tags is posted on some baking site or something…? And I'd also love to know if you're finding my posts helpful or not…? Is there something I can add?

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5 thoughts on “Pumpernickel

  1. This is the most helpful link about baking original Pumpernickel I've found yet. I've been baking bread for always, and Pumpernickiel is that I'd like to do. If only I understand everething from you recipe (english is not my native language) I'll bake it too. The biggest problem is that I don't have any crackpot or steam-oven. Maybe I'd combine some pot with poured water into it, and bread on shelf. The pot would be covered. Or simply use pressure-cooker with bread on some shelf? If the bread should be baked on steam why then heat the crackpot over 100oC? Maybe the best contat is email way. I logged here only for this matter. Pozdrawiam (Greet)

  2. Here is a simple recipe fore pumpernickel280 grams of your starter. ( That is if you keep your starter at a one to one ratio)360 grams corse rye meal ( I freeze the berries and blend in a blender in small batches , pulsing it not letting it run, , then sift out the finer flour.)285 grams very warm water10 grams saltMix everything by hand, gently.

  3. well, in answer to your question which I read as …why my site etc…i simply searched on google for pumpernikel butwhat i found when reading your presentation was a very committed and honest process.

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