I love a clean house

… now if only it would stay this way!

We had friends over last night after going out to dinner (at, you guessed it, Cucina Pazzo), so I had cleaned and "redd up" (as we say in western PA!). I love how it feels just less… oppressive to not have piles of stuff all over the kitchen, dining table, hall desk, etc. And I understand the concept that if I would now just take the couple extra seconds to put stuff away before it lands on all those flat surfaces again, the house could stay this way! I try every time, but then it only takes a couple days of getting home late & tired from work, and having only enough energy to make dinner and leave the mess behind before watching a hockey game [um… or getting online], and then it's a disaster again. Surely, I can do it this time!

I've written it on the Internet now, so maybe that'll keep me to it 🙂

Now to spend some quality time with DH before he heads off tomorrow on his first trip for his new job!

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3 thoughts on “I love a clean house

  1. I so hear you on this. I'm the same way. I feel so good when I get everything neat and organized, but it only takes a few hectic workdays for me to get back into throwing stuff on the kitchen table or somewhere in the living room and say "I'll deal with it later …"

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