Vox Hunt: In Bloom

Show us the loveliest flower in your garden.
Submitted by Allio’s blog.

I think my Bleeding Heart plant is very cool looking. This photo was taken over a month ago, so the whole plant is about double this size (it dies back to nothing and re-grows each Spring – another bit of coolness).

Bleeding Heart (noun): 1. any of several dicentras, esp. a common garden perennial (Dicentra spectabilis) with racemes of drooping, deep-pink, heart-shaped flowers

2. a person regarded as too sentimental or too liberal in dealing with social problems

Maybe it's that I feel a kinship with this plant…?  🙂

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2 thoughts on “Vox Hunt: In Bloom

  1. I love bleeding hearts. We had one until we added onto our house and then it got demolished. My little grandma had one so I think it reminds me of her. I really should get another.

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