Good Eats

Oooh, this Tuesday is the first veggie pickup of the season – time for some gooood eats! I can't wait to see what we get! The only problem is then I never know till Tuesday what to plan for meals for the rest of the week, and today's the only day I have time to grocery-shop. So I have to try to remember what I had gotten in the habit of last year… just stock the fridge and pantry with things that can be combined with whatever yumminess they toss our way. Meaning just keep on hand things like rice, grains (couscous, quinoa, etc), beans, veggie stock, chicken, turkey, cheese (though this year we're getting a local cheese every 2 weeks, and also I signed up for a whole local organic free-range chicken once a month, so that should be fun!)   I especially love the part where they send us things I've never tried before, with some ideas on what to do with them. For example, last year we had quite a lot of radicchio for about a month, which I'd only ever had little bits of in salads before, but I learned how to soak them to remove the bitterness, and then how to use them in various recipes, including grilling them, and also an awesome potato salad. Last summer was also the first time I really ever made fritattas with fresh arugula, oh so yummy! My mouth is watering now. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Good Eats

  1. Perhaps you could suggest they publish a guide to what's likely to be in the boxes on their website or newsletter, like these folks in my town do (the "this week's content" link). It's not going to change that much from week to week.You might enjoy looking at the River Cottage website. RC was set up by a chef who moved from London to the countryside a few years ago with a dream of being self-sufficient, organic, sustainable, and all that there good stuff. He's since written several books, done a number of TV series and specials, and recently started a campaign to get people to switch to free-range poultry. And then there's my favourite foodie website: chocolate&zucchini.

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