Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix

Today was the qualifying races at Schenley Park, so we decided to go today rather than to the main races tomorrow, because last year when we went on Sunday, a lot of the car show cars were already gone. Today is the main day for the car show, which I really enjoy. Gorgeous weather today, too, unlike last weekend at BeaveRun.


We didn't buy a ticket to the Mini club's tent and picnic this weekend, but I think next year we should – our little Red Runt is cuter than any of these…

In fact, after looking at all these Minis, including lots of S's, we realized that ours has a special aero package that we didn't see on any others. 🙂



Here are a bunch more fun cars to gaze upon:


BMW area 1BMW area 2Lotus areaOld MGsPorschesTriumph areaMore car showMore car show 2More car show 3

Somehow we missed the display of the Marque of the Year, which were Italian cars in general. Maybe they had them on Flagstaff Hill, which we didn't get to.


And here are some racing photos:


Racing 1Racing 2Racing 3Racing 4Racing 5

We didn't get a program, so I have no idea which Groups these are, unlike last weekend, but they're all fun to watch as they zip around this winding road course…

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One thought on “Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix

  1. I love minis – I had a little green one while I was at uni. I'd love to have one of the new ones, but with three children it is not a very practical choice, particulalry as we only have one car. Cool.

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