Veggies – 7/24/08

This week's organic veggies from the farm…

Some variety of beautifully curly leaf lettuce, flat-leaf parsley this time, two bunches of dill, a huge head of garlic (which we need like a hole in the head – we have hundreds of plants), a nice bunch of big green onions, more zucchini (getting bigger – these ones will be more suitable for zucchini pancakes or zucchini bread, rather than in salads like the little ones), more cukes (I had opted for an extra box of pickling cukes, which I think may be why they included extra dill and garlic, but I couldn't spot the box in the barn, so I'll have to ask about that), more (bigger) beets with lovely greens, another pint of blueberries, and new this week… yellow squash and purple cabbages. Also they threw in a box of windfall apples, but I left them out in the garage – they had a lot of fruit flies already, and they'll need some major paring of bad spots, but then they'll make good apple crumble, or I might dry some for apple chips.

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