Here are the results (Before and After shots) of our latest home improvement project:


Living Room - beforeLiving Room - after

We really like how the new window layout opens up the view better (no mullion down the middle). Also, we've been opening the bottom sliding windows at night, which we never really did with the old awning windows; we get quite a nice breeze going. The work was actually done a couple weeks ago, but the installer just finally came back this past Saturday to fix a problem on 3 of the windows, where the wood on the horizontal mullion had bowed inward. Then Al was able to finish staining all the wood (after much trial and error on the color – but we ended up with what I think is a really good match with the old surrounding wood frame that's still there).


Dining Room - beforeDining Room - after

I especially like the improved view out the back, toward the creek. The office window got a similar replacement.


Kitchen - beforeKitchen - after

I guess you can't really tell that much difference on the kitchen windows, but they're just nicer, with a much better mechanism. We replaced the bathroom windows, too, but they don't look much different. Again, they're just all much tighter. We should see a difference in our heating bills this winter I imagine (though they're never too bad, what with the amount of wood we burn in the woodstove).


Front of house - beforeFront of house - after


We also really like the new look of the front of the house in general, with the new windows and new stained-glass front door. Here's a close-up of the door; note the little solar sidewalk lights we added, too!

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