Backyard campout


One last fun thing before C and the girls leave…  Two summers ago we all went on a real backpack camping trip in the woods, but this year due to time constraints we came up with a campout in L's back yard. Still fun, but with bathrooms (and other amenities).


This was also a good dry run for our new little tent before we take it real camping in a couple weeks. I was able to single-handedly set it up in about 5 minutes or less – while the guys were still working on the big tent. It's a good comfortable size for the two of us.



More general photos follow…


Foil dinnerHelping with the fireReally roughing itSkateboard lugeToastingToasted marshmallow

I had brought along our standard camping breakfast items (instant oatmeal, GFIC, cocoa), but as it turned out L made blueberry pancakes & turkey bacon. Yes, we were really roughing it! But always fun to do stuff with the nieces…

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