Next we made our way through the herds of bicyclists to FrogpondFarm, Ontario's only certified organic winery – can you guess whose choice that was? 🙂

This was just about a polar opposite from Peller Estates – a little 10-acre plot, farmed by Heike and Jens, with a little photocopied leaflet containing a self-guided walking tour. I really liked the naturalness of it – and even though they're small, they're still producing 13,000 liters of wine per year, which isn't too shabby!


After our little tour around the vineyard and pond, we went back inside the shop (an extension of their farmhouse), and tasted their Riesling, and their Cabernet Franc, both very tasty, though I'm not that partial to Rieslings anymore for some reason. We decided to buy a bottle of 2007 Cabernet Merlot, a blended wine. It comes in a really nice-sized 500ml bottle, an unusual size, but should be just right for dinner some night.

We left Frogpond and headed back to the B&B around 3:00, so we would have time to clean up and change before going out for dinner.

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