Finally, real life

After 4 months of seeing photos only of things like surfing, frisbee, and travels, we finally got to see the more mundane side of Alex's life here in Brisbane…


Al and I woke up with the sun at 4:30 (yipes!), and then sat around and read our books till it was time to walk down and catch the City Cat at 8:23 as arranged last night. We had to buy our own passes this time, but luckily the language isn't an issue – only the currency is a little confusing (since the largest denomination, $2, is the smallest coin). We rode to the Gyatt Park pier, and waited in a little gazebo in the park for Alex to turn up – it was already quite hot out at 8:30am, so we wanted some shade!





Alex walked us to his apartment, just because I wanted to see it – it seemed quite nice – I especially liked the 2 patios.

Alex apt 1Alex apt 2Alex balconyAlex apt entranceAlex apt pool

Then we walked to the Uni (University of Queensland), where he's been going all this time, and he showed us around the campus. It was pretty empty, since finals finished up this past week and most students had gone home for the summer. I thought it a very pretty campus.


UQ 1UQ 2UQ 3UQ 4UQ 5Stone shieldsUQ loggia


UQ 6UQ 7UQ 8UQ 9UQ 10UQ pathway

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