Sunny Sawtell

… not so much.

Here are some photos from our rainy, windy, chilly walk from the Sawtell headland, up the beach, to the lookout, and along the cliffside pathway.





Sawtell headland 2Crab patternsSawtell beach walkSurf's up 2Waves on rocks

Sawtell Beach from lookoutCliffside trail looking northPretty flowersCliffside trail - big waves belowCool flowersPretty birdTrail through woods

Don't get me wrong, we could see it's a very pretty area, and it was beautiful in a stormy sort of way, but we had been hoping for some laying-out-on-the-beach time.

On our way walking back through town, we stopped for lunch…

Fish n Chips shopYummy fresh fish

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