Trip to Sawtell

Sugar cane
Sugar mill

We left Brisbane pretty early Monday morning, after picking up Alex and all his belongings, and drove the 5 or 6 hours to Sawtell. Along the way, we stopped for breakfast at a service center which had a coffee shop and also hot cooked breakfasts. The highway was 4-lane for a while out of Brisbane, but then it turned into intermittent 2 or 3 or 4-lane for the rest of the trip (actually till we were almost to Sydney when it became 4-lane for good). There were usually passing lanes every few miles, though, so it wasn't too bad, just a little slow around towns, etc, when there were sometimes roundabouts. Al had gotten pretty good at the left-side driving by this time, though, so no worries! It rained off and on the whole way, though.

At one point we saw a lot of sugar cane growing (something I don't think I'd ever seen before), and a sugar mill. We also saw a few herds of kangaroos as we drove through some park areas, but there wasn't really a place to stop at those spots to get any photos – sorry!

We arrived at our B&B in Sawtell, just south of Coffs Harbour, in time for a little rest before afternoon tea, where we met our substitute hostess and another couple who were staying there. (The owners of the B&B were on vacation and had asked a friend to look after the B&B for them; it was all pretty new to her, but she did a really great job, and the food and conversation was great!) After tea, we walked up and down the main little street of this quaint village, and decided on Indian for dinner. It was pretty good, very authentic I think, but I definitely should've chosen Mild rather than Medium. We arranged breakfast with Noelle for 8:00 the next day, and then just relaxed in our room and read our books.


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