A day at the beach


When we woke up Thursday morning, the sun was up and the weather looked great! After a breakfast of Nutri-Grain cereal (which was an interesting sort of ladder shape, quite tasty really, and we had it again several more times during our trip), eggs & homefries, and lattes…







…. Alex and I trekked down the switchback path below the deck, to see the lake. Then while the guys lounged around reading their books, I took a walk down the road to what sounded from the sign we'd seen, like a coffee shop, to see if perhaps they had internet access. It turned out to be a little cafe at a little dock area for the community, so I bought some fresh scones, but they didn't have internet. I walked back along the lake shore, which was a little quicker, and was luckily able to find the path up to our house…






We decided to try to go to the beach for real finally, so we donned our swimsuits, packed some lunch stuff, and drove to Seal Rocks, which sounded from the travel books to be relatively remote and not so touristy. We went to one beach first, and sat for a bit and walked in the surf, but decided it was a little too rough there for swimming.










So we drove a little further on, to the little village of Seal Rocks, and first decided to take a hike to the lighthouse…


Brushy bushPretty pink flowerSurf in fissureSeal rocksSeal Rocks lighthouse


… and then we went to the beach and actually went swimming and laid on a real beach in real sun

Seal Rocks Beach 1 - 1Cheeky gullBig waves

and then after about 1/2 hour, the storm clouds gathered again, and we had to clear out!

So back we went to our lovely home, making a quick stop at the grocery and the butcher shop for fixins to grill out if the rain (which was then coming down in buckets) would stop. Which it eventually did, at least long enough for Al to grill some pork chops and steaks (I had put the boys in charge of going to the butcher shop, can you tell?). More coffees and cookies, and another movie – I talked them into watching "The Full Monty", which I really like – I think they did too.

Friday morning we headed out bright and early on our way to Sydney. I had found that the cafe next to the grocery store had internet access, so I got there when they opened at 8:30 and paid their $5 fee so I could send some files to the office that they needed for Friday. Then from that point on, I pretty much didn't look at work emails any more. Full vacation mode.

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