First night in New Zealand


What with the great GPS, and the really helpful directions emailed from our hosts earlier, we had no trouble finding our way by about 7:00pm to our B&B in Warkworth, about an hour north of Auckland. We pulled into the driveway, and were met by our lovely hostess Berris at the door to our apartment. She showed us our lodgings and explained about breakfast, and gave us a recommendation for dinner at such an hour in such a small town.








So we really just put our stuff down and headed right back out before it got much later, and drove the 5 minutes into the village of Warkworth, to the Bridgehouse Lodge. At that point, about 8pm on a Sunday night, we had the place pretty much to ourselves. I wish I had taken a picture of the chandeliers made out of driftwood – they were really different. The meals weere delicious, surprisingly so, we thought. I had the seared salmon with fresh NZ early summer asparagus, excellently prepared… mmm! And we sampled some NZ beers.

Then we headed back to Ribbonwood, read for a while, and turned in. In the night a rain storm blew up, and all night long we could hear the rain pouring and the wind lashing a giant snake plant against the side of the house.

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