Redoubtable repast

Our Hobbiton tour bus took us back to Matamata just in time for an early dinner, so we walked across the street to the Redoubt Bar & Eatery, which had been recommended to us by the friendly woman at the information center. (I don't think we met a single person in NZ who was not upbeat and friendly.)


Dinner was really delicious; I had a chicken breast wrapped in prosciutto, and stuffed and surrounded with capsicum, feta, and spinach, and served with luscious new little potatoes. We tried some NZ beers: Monteith's and Red Lion, pretty tasty. The wait staff was the typical Australia/New Zealand tag-team, but here they were especially friendly and fun.










Dessert was not only pretty, but also scrumptious! (I'll need to pull out my thesaurus to continue to describe the food experiences we had in New Zealand.) Mine was a creamy mousse covered with raspberry-soaked triangles of bread formed into a pyramid, with sweet cream and raspberry coulis surrounding it.

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One thought on “Redoubtable repast

  1. Haaa well said about the thesaurus – interior designers and chefs have the most colorful language to describe things, I envy them. You did a good job – the description of the beer and savory meal made me cozy. And the dessert – mmmmm!

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