Omori Lakehouse

This was the view of Lake Taupo that greeted us when we got out of our car at the Omori Lakehouse B&B. We just kind of said, Wow, and thought we would probably be able to handle this…!

We put our things in our rooms (Al and I had one room, and Alex the other of the two guestrooms), and then we were invited by our hostess Raewyn to tea out on the deck. Homemade shortbread cookies and hot tea in the New Zealand sunshine overlooking a volcanic lake. The only thing better than that is cold beers out on that same deck after a 12 mile mountain hike, but more on that later (!)






Omori room
Omori bathroom

Here are a couple photos of our room:

Very comfortable and well appointed, including a fridge with beers, and a private deck outside a sliding glass door overlooking the lake.

There'll be more in later posts about our great experiences here [I'm writing this after the fact], but I'll say now that the food was also great, and our hosts were so, so wonderful and made us feel right at home.

We stayed here three nights. It was the most expensive stay, because we had to get two rooms, but it was so worth it!

If you ever get the chance to go to New Zealand, this is the place you should stay!

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