Tongariro Summit

Just had to post one photo from today, even though I'm not nearly caught up yet on my other posts…


This was an hour-and-a-half side trip off of the 19k Tongariro Crossing that we did today. Alex, meanwhile, was scaling Mt Doom behind me there.

More awesome pics to follow later, it was just such a great experience I had to share right away! 

[10/14/09 EDIT: Yikes! I never got back to posting about the most awesome experience of my life! I promise to do that before its anniversary rolls around next month… or at least the photos]

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8 thoughts on “Tongariro Summit

  1. Mt Doom? I thought. Looks like Ngauruhoe… And then it occured to me. I suppose I ought to watch the LotR DVDs some day.Lucky thing. 🙂 I made it as far up as the ski lifts and tea shop on Ruapehu, but didn't have time for anything meatier there. I gave a lift to a German hippie who (last I saw of him) wandered off up the mountain to look for stone circles…I reckon you're going to love the South Island.

  2. Haha, yes, you should!
    Unfortunately, we don't have time for the South Island this trip, though we really wanted to go there… we saw and did a lot in our one week in Australia and one week in NZ, but it's really just whet our appetites… (just couldn't get away longer than this right now)

  3. Thanks! Unfortunately, Alex wasn't so thrilled about not being able to see anything from the top! It did clear after he came back down, photos to be posted later…

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