Trip Down Under

I finally got all my posts written about our trip to Australia in November! I imagine I'll be adding more details to some of the posts from time to time as I recall them. So if you scroll back through all my posts tagged Australia, you'll get the whole trip.

Some general observations: 

We know we didn't spend the tiniest fraction of the time that needs to be spent in a country of that size and variety, but luckily Alex did get to see a good bit more during his previous 4 months, and we did actually do a good bit in our week: 2 major cities, beaches, rainforest, lots of good food, met new friends. And we didn't really feel rushed – everything in Australia seems to be at a nice relaxed pace, even in the cities.

Driving on the left wasn't too bad, but the car we got from Avis (a Holden Commodore) was no fun at all. I had reserved a compact, but when we got there they gave us a "free upgrade" to this POS barge. It had a built-in nav system, which meant we didn't have to pay a surprise one-way fee on a separate nav unit (I did appreciate the clerk telling us about that little tidbit before we would've gotten to Sydney and been stuck with it), but it was a pretty poor system.

We liked how all toilets, public and private, were of the dual flush variety. I don't see why ours aren't all like that.

Australia (at least the parts we were in) seemed to me very like the US, but just completely not. Things were arranged in much the same way, but they were all different things.

We loved the people – everyone was very friendly, and it is after all nice sometimes to be in a foreign country and be able to understand the language without too much trouble.

Hopefully you can tell by reading my posts, that we enjoyed our trip immensely! Despite the wet weather through much of it, we always found plenty of interesting things to do and see (as always…)

Now, on to writing about New Zealand before I forget all the details!

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12 thoughts on “Trip Down Under

  1. I must come back and read them all! I think I agree with you.. being a European, certain things in Australia reminden me of America, especially Florida. I have only been in Florida, New York and Connecticut. Connecticut was different. But in a similar way the architecture was all sort of new-ish, colonial, some pretty and some old and worn but you don't get the impractical small tight little workers houses and tight cities that we have here.
    <strike>Australia could be a</strike> America could be a far away province of <strike>America</strike> Australia, where people speak a slightly different accent and the cities and lifestyle are <strike>more relaxed</strike> busier… ^_^

  2. Interesting observations. As you know I have never been to the US but have had friends say similar things about the cultural differences, ie, you think on the surface that things are a lot more similar than they actually turn out to be. Look forward to seeing you back here one of these days. šŸ™‚

  3. Well, I guess I would say it was "competent", but our cars at home are a Honda Civic Hybrid and a Mini Cooper, so anything big feels to us like it doesn't handle well.

  4. I enjoyed your trip (to my) home and glad that you seemed to have had an enjoyable time there. I love my annual trip home – I feel that I need it just to get "regrounded".

  5. Just finished catching up on your travels, Sandyu.When the tour continues we will be heading up the East Coast and we might have to pop in to some of the places you have beautifully recorded.I'm delighted to see you made the most of your trip. Nice work.

  6. Hmm, I hadn't really thought about it… I suppose I would say that a number of the people we met had what I would characterize as British sensibilities, part of which I guess is good manners. Probably stereotyping a bit here though. I found people in general not that much different from midwestern Americans… polite and friendly.

  7. Ah, yes midwest Americans. Different from what I've experienced here on the Left Coast.
    It's just that when people are caring and mannerly, it really, really sticks in my conciousness.
    I say this stuff because in the past year, my boss has gained about six new patients from Australia. I'm blown away by by their sheer humanity.
    I had to pipe up.

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