Today’s walk

Here are some camera pix I took while on my 6-mile walk today. I did the loop that goes down our side of the creek, crosses a bridge, and up the other side, crosses another bridge, and back down our street to our house.


Abutment.jpgPicturesque entry.jpgOur house.jpgTrain tracks.jpgAnother abutment.jpgMain St.jpg

I took a little detour from the normal route, to go down the little dead end road directly across the creek from our house, because I don't think I've ever actually been on it. As I suspected, there are a number of houses along there that were never rebuilt from the flood of '04, though some looked inhabited. There was one family I talked to briefly, who were working on dismantling their house and burning it bit by bit. I learned from them that there were quad trails I could take from the dead end that would lead up to the train tracks, and then to the main road; it turned out to be a little muddy, but not a bad shortcut, good to know.

It took me just under 2 hours at what felt like a pretty good clip, including some jogging now and then (well, except for taking pictures and sending them…), so I really need some more long-distance practices before June 20! My legs and feet hurt more than I think they should.

Toward the end, about a mile from home, I came across a bunch of needles and syringes, and a vial of Testosterone (according to the label). I picked them all up and put them in a handy Big Gulp cup (part of the roadside litter, good grief), because I didn't want some little kid getting hold of them; a couple of the needles were used. As I walked back home, I thought actually maybe I should call the police about it, since the only reason I could think of for them to be along the road is if someone threw them out of their car for fear of being caught with them. So I did, and the policeman just left the house after taking it all with him in a bag. He said they've had some reports of some of the kids at the school across the street using that for sports. I think he was just going to dispose of them, not try to catch anyone, but I'd rather not have used needles in my garbage bag for the garbage man to get stuck with. So that was my excitement for the day.

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