Package from Germany!

Ah, the joys of having a sister (or two) in Germany! I picked up a package at the post office Saturday morning*, and stuff just kept coming out of it…

Food-wise, there were 3 packs of Mini-Zwieback (simply because I said I liked them!  Coconut, milk chocolate, and bitter chocolate, mmm!), a package of chocolate swirl knusper-brot, a boxed cake mix (Donau Welle), a box of lacy chocolate cake decorations (which I love), 2 dinner mixes, 2 boxes of caramel candies, 2 Lindt chocolate easter eggs, and a Lindt golden bunny full of treats.

Other goodies, totally unexpected (and above and beyond the call of sisterhood!): a lovely light blue cotton shirt (just my style), sport pants, and a cute striped cami set; a card that includes arugula seeds (my favorite!), a beautiful china teacup with strainer and lid, a very pretty ceramic easter egg, a CD of some sort that I haven't tried out yet, a Lindt magazine including chocolate recipes, and for Al a catalog of Mini accessories and a Bimmer magazine.

Such fun!

* This box did not come easily… I got the slip from the post office on April 7, but it said I needed to sign for it, and I knew I wouldn't be able to get to the post office during their (short) business hours till the 18th, so I took the slip with me to the office the next day to call to ask them to hold it till then. Unfortunately, I left the slip in my car, so later that morning I ran out to get it. I guess because it was cold and I didn't throw my coat on, I was literally running back in, with my arms folded around me, when my shoe fell off, and I wasn't able to catch myself well enough before splitting my chin open on the concrete sidewalk. When I realized there was blood gushing out of my face, I tried to catch it with the only thing I had, the post office slip, as I ran into the office and to the restroom to get cleaned up and assess the damage. Several people tried to get me to go get stitches, but I had a SharePoint trainer coming in about 45 minutes, and I didn't think I would have time, so I just went with wound closure thingies and bandaids (changing every so often throughout the afternoon). Later in the day, since it was still bleeding by 8:00, I did stop at MedExpress on the way home, and they checked and cleaned out the wound and put steri-strips on it to leave on for a week or so. So it's not too bad now, though sort of a lump in addition to the scab, so we'll see how it ends up. But anyway, the post office slip was pretty gross, so I hoped I wouldn't have to show the clerk, but I did, and then had to explain the whole story and show her my chin, so she wouldn't think something worse than it was.

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2 thoughts on “Package from Germany!

  1. I haven't tried many of the Dr Oetker boxed mixes yet (maybe none?). I have 2 Dr Oetker baking cookbooks, though, and they're VERY well used! My favorite from the books so far is a broiled layer cake.

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