Where HAVE the days gone, indeed…

Aside from a half-hearted attempt last Fall (a YEAR ago!) it would appear that I haven’t blogged for quite a while. Of course, I’ve blogged in my HEAD many times (thinking how I would write about this or that trip or hike), but it never happened.

I’m going to blame the economy. In all seriousness. But as this isn’t a blog about my business, I’ll spare you the details.

But, now I think my brain cells can handle some creative thinking, so I’ll take the opportunity presented by being kicked off of Vox when it shut down on September 30, to restart my blog. I’m sure you’re all really excited.

It may take me some time to find my way around WordPress, but so far I like the interface, the stats available, comment management. and so on. There may be a rotation of themes and layouts until I hit upon one I like.


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