SharePoint Review and Edit

Do you want to ensure that your written material projects a professional image, free of spelling and usage errors?

I am now offering American English reviews and edits of:

  • SharePoint blog posts and websites
  • SharePoint presentations
  • SharePoint books
  • Other SharePoint (or other technical) written material

Leave the spelling and grammar to me, so you can focus on the content!

Of course, if the text is already in British English, I’ll leave it that way… I just wanted to clarify for non-English-speaking authors that idiom translations and the like would be in American.

Pricing is based on the time it takes to edit the material. As an example, a 500-word technical blog post might run roughly $20 to review and provide edits, depending upon the number of edits required. Payment is via PayPal, and is made prior to delivery of the completed edits.

I can also provide translation of SharePoint material from German into American English, with negotiated fees.

Free introductory trial: To demonstrate the value of this service, I will review/edit one article page or five presentation slides at no charge. Also, if your material is for a free community event, such as a SharePoint Saturday, and I know you personally, I’ll review your entire slide deck at no charge!

Please email me at with your editing needs.


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