What’s this… a blog post?!?

Um, yeah, so I see it’s been two years since I posted anything on my poor little blog. I started to write a really passionate post last year around this time, about the upcoming presidential election, but it turned out to be too difficult to put into words, so it’s still a draft.

But recently, a group of ex-Vox bloggers started a group on Facebook, and one of my old Vox friends invited me in. Many of us still feel the loss of the Vox community when they closed their doors, and many of us fell out of the habit of blogging because of it. But seeing all those old friendly names got me thinking that I really do miss having things to say that are longer than 140 characters, and it’s also true that I enjoyed using this space to record events and travels that I’d really like to retain a record of to review in my dotage.

So I posted about last weekend’s Brewersfest, which was quite enjoyable, and well worth remembering. Here’s to hoping it’s not the last post for another two years…


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