QotD: Super Bowl Sunday

Q: Are you going to tune in to today's Super Bowl game? If so, where and with whom will you be watching? Who are you rooting for? 0907081703.jpg Steeler scarf Pittsburgh skyline from PNC Park                         Gosh, not sure :-b Here in Pittsburgh, we…

McConnell’s Mill

  Some photos from our wintry hike earlier today…   McConnell’s Mill   Covered bridge Amazingly, the sun put in a brief appearance, and the hike downstream along the Kildoo Trail warmed us up despite the temperature hovering around 10. By the time we hiked back up the hill to the parking lot, we were…


In the picture-is-worth-1000-words department, this is one of my favorite images from yesterday. I think it really depicts the transfer, that somehow with that wave they're saying "now is our time".   It’s our turn now Read and post comments | Send to a friend


Raven roadkill 🙂 [not sure where this came from – I got it by email – sorry I can't credit it] Read and post comments | Send to a friend

Fort James

  jpeg_reencoded.jpg Sunday morning we went for breakfast to Angelo's Steak & Pancake House (whose sign also advertises seafood and cocktails, an interesting combination!); the owners are Greek, so the menu leans a little that direction. We had standard breakfast fare, though, which was pretty good. Read and post comments | Send to a friend

Jamestown ship

 Saturday was a gorgeous day in southern Virginia! Mid to upper 60's and mostly sunny, we even were able to drive with the windows open a little! A lovely break from the snowstorm I knew they were having at home right then. After a leisurely breakfast of cereal and coffee, we first went to Best…