Jamestown ship

 Saturday was a gorgeous day in southern Virginia! Mid to upper 60's and mostly sunny, we even were able to drive with the windows open a little! A lovely break from the snowstorm I knew they were having at home right then.

After a leisurely breakfast of cereal and coffee, we first went to Best Buy and then Borders, to find a CD for me to give Nik for Christmas. You see, I had bought her "This Warm December" (and then left it at the next store I stopped at, which I had to persuade to UPS to me the next day), but it turned out she had already gotten it for herself. So this was the replacement ("Simple Times" by Joshua Radin), which we then listened to in the car while we drove to Jamestown (about 1/2 hour including the stop at the closed cute cafe, and missing one sign). I especially liked the song "Vegetable Car".

Nikki and I visited Jamestown Settlement. First we had sandwiches at the cafe in the (very large and nice) museum building; there was also a brownie that lasted the two of us all afternoon it was so big. The outdoor area was somewhat limited this time of year (only a couple of enactors etc), but still very interesting. This ship carried something like 140 settlers on their 5-month journey to the New World.

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