Vox Hunt: A Real Mess

Show us a mess.

Oh dear, this is way too easy :-

Ofc deskOfc shelfHome ofc 1Home ofc 2

                                      Mess at work….                        Mess at home

I'm not particularly proud of this, I would love to have neat tidy workspaces, it just seems there's too much paper and stuff. I read recently that the reason we feel that we don't have enough hours in the day is that there are too many decisions to make in the current world (e.g. do this or do that with this item, pitch it or act on it or sell it or give it away or keep it for future use). I'm trying to be more draconian about this. Nik is really good at that; actually the only reason the books in pic #3 are in piles instead of spread all over the floor is because she worked on this space over Christmas break and threw away a garbage bag full of junk, took more to the Salvie, and eBayed some other stuff.

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One thought on “Vox Hunt: A Real Mess

  1. haha, i hear you there. i am such a packrat and not very organized at that 🙂 thanks for the insightful comment you left on my blog! i would have to agree with you on the greedy part for sure — i think it is in human nature to be greedy with power, and subsequently resources under that power, and so on and so forth. ethnocentrism has a lot to do with it too, i'm sure; the my-culture/country/race/whatever-is-better-than-yours syndrome contributes a lot to conflicts around the world, which in turn cause a lot of suffering. i would love to hear more of your thoughts on this issue — do you think it is possible for people to change? anyway, good luck with the organization process!

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