On Friday evening, we went to Neisha, a Thai restaurant in Tenleytown that Alex has always walked past but never visited (being on a college-student budget). I wish I had taken a photo of the outside, because it's very striking (I'd noticed it before, too, on our few visits to Tenleytown – it's just outside the Metro stop). The inside is meant to be like a grotto I think, with faux rocks, stalagmites, and trickling water. Maybe a little kitschy, but I liked it nonetheless.

Our server was extremely friendly, and helped us Thai-neophytes understand what was on the menu. I was going to have a ginger lemonade, but somehow they were out, so I tried a Thai iced tea, which was freshly brewed spiced tea, with half-and-half on top, then iced (basically iced chai, I think, though as far as I could see in the dimness, it was orange) – very tasty. Al had Ichiban beer on draft.


We ordered Yum Talay as a shared appetizer, which was various seafood in a light citrus sauce. Note especially the textured item in the lower right corner of the photo… these were squid, which were hand scored and twisted artfully into a pretty shape. I didn't actually eat any myself, not being a fan of squid, but Al & Alex liked them.

I ordered Ginger Ginger Ginger (pork variety) for my entree, which was very tasty (and ginger-y). It was a nice-sized portion, and there was just a little left over for Alex to take back to his room.


Al had Barbecue Talay, which was basically the same things as the appetizer, but in a Thai barbecue sauce.


Alex had Kee Mao Kai, which was chicken in basil & chili sauce, with "wide noodles". He was a little surprised to bite into a hot pepper, thinking it was another basil leaf, but he's hardy 🙂

We decided against dessert, because we planned to stop at Robek's, so our total bill came to $55, not bad really. Live jazz, too, which was an interesting touch for a Thai restaurant.

Overall, we enjoyed our meal very much, and would go there again (there are a lot more menu items to try!)

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One thought on “Neisha

  1. Sounds delicious! Thai food is the best! Having only lived in the Northwest, I can't verify this, but there is a joke about how only people in the Northwest know the difference between Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Indian, and Malaysian food. Of them all, I think Thai is the best! THE BEST! So addictive. Malaysian is the new cuisine hitting here. I haven't tried it yet myself, I guess it's a blend of Indian, Chinese, and Indonesian. Maybe that will be a future blog when I – if ever – I finish up with Italy. :p

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